Selected Publications

Primary Research

(Quarmby Lab trainees are underlined)

  • Parker, advice JD, pills LK Hilton, prescription DR Diener,MQ Rasi, MR Mahjoub, JL Rosenbaum & LM Quarmby. (2010). Centrioles are freed from cilia by severing prior to mitosis. Cytoskeleton 67: 425-430. [PDF]
  • O’Toole et al. (2010). Mutations in XPNPEP3, Encoding a Mitochondrial Protein, Cause a Nephronophthisis-Like Nephropathy. J. Clinical Invest. 120: 791-802.
  • Hilton, LK, MC White & LM Quarmby (2009). The NIMA-related kinase NEK1 cycles through the nucleus. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 389: 52-56. [PDF]
  • Bialas, NJ, PN Inglis, C Li, JF Robinson, JDK Parker, MP Healey, EE Davis, CD Inglis,T Toivonen, DC Cottell, OE Blacque, LM Quarmby, N Katsanis, and MR Leroux (2009) Functional interactions between the ciliopathy-associated Meckel syndrome 1(MKS1) protein and two novel MKS1-related (MKSR) proteins. (2009). J. Cell Sci. 122: 611-624.
  • Rasi, MQ, JDK Parker, JL Feldman, WF Marshall, & LM Quarmby (2009). Katanin knockdown supports a role for microtubule severing in release of basal bodies prior to mitosis in Chlamydomonas. Mol. Biol. Cell 20:379-388. [PDF]
  • White, MC & LM Quarmby (2008). The NIMA-family kinase, Nek1 affects the stability of centrosomes and ciliogenesis. BMC Cell Biology 9:29. [PDF]
  • Trapp, ML, A Galtseva, DK Manning, DR Beier, ND Rosenblum & LM Quarmby (2008). Defects in ciliary localization of Nek8 in a subset of kidney tubules is associated with cystogenesis. Paediatric Nephrology 23: 377-387. [PDF]
  • Otto*, EA, ML Trapp*, UT Schultheiss, LM Quarmby & F Hildebrandt (2008). Mutations in NIMA-related kinase NEK8 causes nephronophthisis in humans and affects ciliary and centrosomal localization. J. Am. Soc. Nephrology 19: 587-592. [PDF]
  • Parker, J.D.K., B.A. Bradley, M.C. White, A.O. Mooers & LM Quarmby (2007). Phylogenetic analysis of the Neks reveals early diversification of ciliary-cell cycle kinases. PLoS One. 10(2): e 1076. [PDF]
  • Mahjoub, M.R., M. L. Trapp, & LM Quarmby (2005). NIMA-Related Kinases Defective in Murine Models of Polycystic Kidney Diseases Localize to Primary Cilia and Centrosomes. J. Am. Soc. Nephrology. 16: 3485-3489. [PDF]
  • Bradley, B.A. & L.M. Quarmby (2005). A NIMA-related kinase, Cnk2p, regulates both flagellar length and cell size in Chlamydomonas. J. Cell Science. 118: 3317. [PDF]


  • Quarmby, L.M. & M.R. Leroux (2010). Sensorium: the original raison d’être of the motile cilium? J. Mol. Cell Biol. 2: 65-7. [PDF]
  • Quarmby, LM. (2009). Ciliary Ion Channels: Location, location, location. Current Biology 19: R158. [PDF]
  • Quarmby, LM & M.R. Mahjoub (2005). Caught Nek-ing: Cilia and Centrioles. J. Cell Science. 118: 5161-5169. [PDF]
  • Quarmby, L.M. and J.D.K. Parker (2005). Cilia and the Cell Cycle? J. Cell Biology. 169: 707. [PDF]

Book Chapters

      • Quarmby, LM (2009). “Deflagellation.” In The Chlamydomonas Sourcebook, Vol 3: Cell Motility and Behavior, edited by George B. Witman. Elsevier.[PDF]
      • Hilton, LK & LM Quarmby (2011). “Cilia.” In Cellular Domains, edited by I. Robert Nabi. Wiley. [PDF]

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