Course Work

Ideas go
through most
heads without

picking up

any substance
or leaving
any trace
– AR Ammons

LQ thinks that AR Ammons got it mostly right about how our system of education works. In her own small ways, she tries to change that. You’ll find that she cultivates a classroom culture where even the shy find themselves comfortably engaging in the conversation. You might have to work a little harder in her classes, but you’ll enjoy it. And you’ll truly learn something.

Fall 2017, LQ will teach Molecular Biology & Biochemistry 431 “Cells and the Environment”  (previously “Cells & Disease.” A companion graduate course will be offered in conjunction.

Spring 2018, LQ will be developing a science credit course for non-science students, working title: “Energetic transformations: From cells to society.” The first offering of this course is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2018.

Every semester the Quarmby Lab hosts two or three undergraduates for Directed Research, Directed Readings and Independent Study Semesters. These positions fill quickly so apply early if you are interested in this experience. We often have openings for volunteer lab assistants – this is a great way to learn your way around the lab before beginning your Independent Study Semester.