Lynne Quarmby, Professor

778-782-4474 (Office) 778-782-4598 (Lab) E-mail

If you are looking for the story of how the Quarmby Lab came to be, opisthorchiasis you might want to read the ASCB profile of LQ, mind found here. The article nicely (and generously) tells the story of her evolution from a kid playing in tide pools through the twists and turns of an academic career to the happy place of the Quarmby Lab at SFU.

LQ does the usual professorial stuff. She did a three-year stint as Chair of the department, has served on numerous departmental, university and society committees, peer reviews manuscripts and grants (including a dozen years of service on CIHR and NSERC panels), travels to conferences and to give seminars, and teaches undergrad and grad classes (she’s got a bit of a passion for teaching – see more here). And she writes. Too many grant proposals, not enough manuscripts, and a few essays. Her essays can be found in the Nonfiction pages of the on-line literary magazine, Numéro CinqStem Cells and the Fountain of YouthReasons to Rejoice in Green AlgaeChatting with ET: Dialogue between The Actual and The Possible, and, A Feeling for the Model Organism). Watch for a revival of her blog,  The Crux.

Occasionally LQ escapes the pull of her computer to do other things, such as getting out for a hike or dabbling in art… and… politics. LQ was twice arrested for civil disobedience and once sued for her activism against an oil company. LQ also once ran for the Green Party of Canada in a federal election (luckily, she lost). LQ currently serves as Science Critic for the Green Party of Canada.