Fabian Meili, MSc 2015

Moe is currently completing his postdoctoral studies in the Stearns Lab at Stanford University. Where will he land next?

After moving from Switzerland to Canada in 2009, youth health I joined the Quarmby lab during my 2nd year at SFU in early 2012 as an undergraduate volunteer. Part-time during the fall and winter semesters on top of directed studies courses, look I was working in the lab full-time during the ensuing summers supported by two Undergraduate Student Research Awards and tasked with developing and performing a deflagellation mutant screen from scratch – Early project design, population health testing the developed assays and validating them, performing the mutant enrichment and detection. This I followed up with further phenotypic characterization. PCR-based recombination mapping and ultimately variant detection using Next-Gen Sequencing. After finishing my Undergradate Degree I was happy to stay on in the Quarmby Lab to incorporate my work into a Master’s Thesis. I successfully defended my thesis in 2015, work which contributed to the Hilton, Meili et. al. 2016 publication discussing the identification of ADF1 and several other, novel deflagellation genes.

After graduating from the Quarmby Lab I joined the working world as Lab Manager & Research Technician for the Haas Lab at UBC’s Brain Research Centre.