Dr. Qasim Rasi, PhD 2009

M. Qasim Rasi was one of the first members of the SFU incarnation of the Quarmby lab. Qasim joined the lab as our “media person” in 2000, drugs he began in the lab part-time, buy cialis stayed for his undergraduate honours thesis research and then as a graduate student. He left with his Ph.D. in 2009 and the lab has not been the same since.

Writing up and defending his dissertation was not all that Qasim did in 2009. He also got married and moved to Edmonton. Elias was born in August 2010.

Currently Qasim is working towards an MBA Finance at the University of Alberta while working as a financial analyst and derivatives trader for a U.S. firm based in Edmonton. We always knew that Qasim was destined to be richer than the rest of us.