Bryan Tennant, MSc 2009

I joined the Quarmby lab in 2006 as an MSc student. I completed my MSc in
August of 2009 after 3 wonderful years in the lab. In my thesis I addressed
specific questions related to three Neks: (i) NEK8 due to its role in cystic
kidney diseases (ii) NEK4 because of its unusual sub-cellular localisation
and (iii) CNK6 a potential link between cilia and the cell cycle. I
developed the tools necessary for the identification of NEK8 substrates. I
showed NEK4 localises to the distal end of the mother centriole and that
neither kinase activity, ailment nor the phosphorylation state of thr526 are
necessary for this localisation. I also demonstrated that CNK6, initially
identified in the flagellar proteome, does not localise to flagella and may
be essential for Chlamydomonas reinhardtii survival.

I took a year off from science following my time in the Quarmby lab to
further my career in the military and to work for the Olympics. I have since
rejoined the scientific community and am currently working towards my PhD
studying the role of a pancreas enriched transcription factor in the
regulation of insulin secretion and diabetes. I hope to be done my degree by
2014 and would eventually like to become a University Professor.